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Frequently Asked Questions

How long of a lease term do I need to sign?

Our typical lease term is one year. We do not do month to month leases, weekly rentals or short term leases. We would entertain a shorter or longer term lease based on extenuating circumstances.

How much is my deposit and what is that based on?

The deposit is typically equivalent to the last month’s rent of the lease term. In some instances the required deposit may be higher based on your credit. In other instances we may have a “Move In Special” that would provide for a discount off the security deposit on selected units. Please ask when you apply for the unit once you submit your application and we can give you a definitive answer quickly.

Do I need good credit to rent a unit and what happens if I don’t have good credit?

While it is certainly better for you to have good credit than bad credit to expedite the approval process, for those individuals who have lower credit scores or who have had issues with their credit in the past we do have a program with a large international insurance company that will allow you to purchase renters risk insurance to offset bad credit history. This insurance is reasonably affordable and gives us additional insurance against individuals with poor credit. Those individuals who have a prior criminal record, eviction or who have outstanding monies owed to a previous landlord will not be able to obtain this insurance. Other opportunities for you to secure a lease with us would be through either a third party guarantor or an increased security deposit.

Do you allow pets?

We do allow pets in selected units. We do have many properties with private yard areas and enclosed patio areas which are conducive to allowing for pets. Other properties simply do not. Please ask when you apply as our pet policy applies on selected units on a case by case basis. We do allow fish, turtles and those pets which are 100% contained in a tank environment. A special approval will be needed for dogs and cats.

Is there any additional cost or deposit required for having pets?

We do require either an additional pet deposit which would be in addition to your normal security deposit or additional pet rent or both depending upon the type of pet, the circumstances, the unit and your credit. Please provide us with all the appropriate information when applying for the unit and we can provide you with a specific answer to these questions.

Do you allow smoking at your units or your properties?

We have a company policy that there is no smoking inside any of the units of any kind. Smoking in the unit will ruin the carpet and the paint and will cause damages you will be responsible for. We do allow smoking in selected areas of selected properties. You will need to ask about these particular areas on a case by case basis based on the property you are considering.

What if I have roommates and one of us decides to leave in the middle of the lease? How do we handle that?

We have many tenants that have roommates or multiple tenants occupying the same unit. We have a very simple policy with regards to interchanging roommates or obtaining a new roommate. The new roommate that would be replacing the existing one would fill out our normal rental application and go through our company approval process. Once approved, we would prepare a simple amendment relieving the existing roommate and adding the new roommate. This would apply to additional occupants at the property as well and is a fairly simple process.

What is the maximum amount of people that is allowed in a unit?

The maximum amount of people that is allowed is based on the size of the unit and the number of bedrooms. Please ask when you are applying based on the unit that you are considering.

If I have bad credit will you rent to me?

We do make our best effort to try to consider all applicants. Those who have poor credit history or poor credit rating can still rent an apartment by either purchasing our risk insurance policy, obtaining a guarantor or providing a larger security deposit. We can discuss those options with you once we receive your application.

Do you accept housing vouchers for Section 8 housing?

We do have tenants at various properties of ours throughout Southern California in Los Angeles, Orange and Riverside Counties that are on Section 8 Housing assistance in some capacity. While we do not have any specific properties or units that are designated for Section 8 individuals we will consider Section 8 Housing on a case by case basis. Please let us know when you apply of the specifics of your Section 8 voucher and we will let you know if we are accepting Housing at that particular property at that time. Our ability to accept Section 8 Housing varies from property to property and is subject to change.

What information do you need from me in order to apply for an apartment?

We will need you to complete our rental application on our form and provide us with the rental application fee. The current rental application fee is $30 per adult. This amount would be due and a completed application would be required for all adults occupying the property 18 years or older regardless of whether they are currently employed or not. We will also need information verifying citizenship or work status (i.e. driver’s license, social security number, passport, work visa or TIN number). Additionally, we will require income verification either via a copy of your recent paystub, bank statement or other verification of any other income that you would receive (i.e. normal income, 1099 income, social security, child support, housing assistance, disability, workers comp, etc).

How do you handle maintenance at the property and what if something breaks while I am living at one of your properties?

We have a complete in house maintenance crew which is on call 24 hours 7 days a week. We also have a maintenance hotline which you can call for emergencies and after hour’s maintenance. We also will provide you with a maintenance request form for non-emergency maintenance items which then can be submitted electronically or via fax. All maintenance items are taken on a first-come, first serve basis and addressed on a priority basis with emergencies first. We make every effort to rectify any maintenance issues as quickly as possible. Our maintenance staff is extremely diligent, efficient and familiar with all of the units and properties within our portfolio to insure that any maintenance requirements are addressed quickly.